Profs use Four Moves model in classroom experiment Last week I shared with my class the story behind the bleeding Mexican cop meme that went viral in immigrant caravan conspiracy circles.  When I got to the punchline — that the photo of the bleeding officer was actually made six years ago in a Mexico City […]

Sticks and stones Let’s talk about name-calling: Specifically, the label “racist.” We apply it too freely, and as a result, we harden the hearts of the very people we are trying to reach. One New Year’s morning, I assigned a young reporter the traditional “first baby of the year” story. As I sent her on […]

There’s a spot on the face of the earth where a milky white stone marks the time when Kenneth B. Algeo walked among us. I’m unexpectedly here at my father-in-law’s grave on a day that began with meditation on impermanence. The more I believe that I possess a thing, the more I believe it is […]