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Artsy photo of a building's windows framing the sky.

Twitter: A window to the soul

Photo by Frank Köhntopp on Unsplash When email was fresh and new, a newspaper editor once sent a recipe to several newsroom colleagues, among them his…
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Colorado State Capitol dome

Tone deaf in the state capitol

Listen up, class! I have good news and bad news: Today's snack is chocolate chip cookies! Unfortunately, we have only 25, so you…
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Lame PR: Texas governor fails Crisis 101

The decision not to evacuate Houston in advance of Hurricane Harvey had to be a tough one. But once the call was made,…
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the circle and slash emblem is used on top of the word racism

How to fight racism without using the word racist

Sticks and stones Let’s talk about name-calling: Specifically, the label “racist.” We apply it too freely, and as a result, we harden the…
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Composite photo of White House with a

5 job interview questions for president

What would it be like if we treated presidential candidates like job applicants? All of us have been on one or both sides…
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Calendar pages with text overlay: What kind of work do I need to do right now?  What kind of mental state am I in right now?  Is there something I can do to get myself into the right mental state?

Who controls your time and energy?

Let’s pretend this is a message you found tucked inside a bagel you just pulled from the sad-looking spread on the conference room…
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