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Screen shot of Ginni Thomas' Facebook page, showing the post of the bloody Mexican officer meme.

How to teach students to sniff out fake news

Profs use Four Moves model in classroom experiment Last week I shared with my class the story behind the bleeding Mexican cop meme…
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How to respond when your product is used in a mass shooting

Associated Press   An organization that gets dragged into a tragedy needs to show heart. But Slide Fire Solutions, the…
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Artsy photo of a building's windows framing the sky.

Twitter: A window to the soul

Photo by Frank Köhntopp on Unsplash When email was fresh and new, a newspaper editor once sent a recipe to several newsroom colleagues, among them his…
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Colorado State Capitol dome

Tone deaf in the state capitol

Listen up, class! I have good news and bad news: Today's snack is chocolate chip cookies! Unfortunately, we have only 25, so you…
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Cartoon drawings of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton should just let it go

If the knock on you is your tendency to point fingers and avoid personal responsibility for error, every explanation you offer for losing…
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PR Puzzler logo

Congress’ brand is tearing down America’s

  Can any brand be more in the dumps than that of Congress? As they returned to “work" last week, let's pause and…
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Lame PR: Texas governor fails Crisis 101

The decision not to evacuate Houston in advance of Hurricane Harvey had to be a tough one. But once the call was made,…
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the circle and slash emblem is used on top of the word racism

How to fight racism without using the word racist

Sticks and stones Let’s talk about name-calling: Specifically, the label “racist.” We apply it too freely, and as a result, we harden the…
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Frame capture from Michael Dubin's Dollar Shave Club video

Is your story f***ing great?

Mark Levine knew manufacturing. Michael Dubin knew how to tell a story. Now, 2 million people wake up each morning and drag the…
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