A student and I were talking recently about the texts I had chosen for the class: The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott and This Is How You Pitch by Ed Zitron. The student liked their writing style, their use of intriguing case studies and the applicability of their advice. The […]

Photo by Frank Köhntopp on Unsplash When email was fresh and new, a newspaper editor once sent a recipe to several newsroom colleagues, among them his wife. Somehow, he accidentally included a love letter at the bottom of the recipe to another newsroom colleague who was not his wife.   Awkward.   This 25-year-old cautionary tale came to […]

The decision not to evacuate Houston in advance of Hurricane Harvey had to be a tough one. But once the call was made, everyone had to sing from the same song sheet. It’s basic crisis communication, as taught by FEMA to hundreds of crisis planners each year. Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t get the training, apparently. […]

Sticks and stones Let’s talk about name-calling: Specifically, the label “racist.” We apply it too freely, and as a result, we harden the hearts of the very people we are trying to reach. One New Year’s morning, I assigned a young reporter the traditional “first baby of the year” story. As I sent her on […]

What would it be like if we treated presidential candidates like job applicants? All of us have been on one or both sides of the job interview table. Odds are, you’ve heard the “Tell me about a time …” questions. What if we asked those behavioral interview questions of the people applying for the highest […]

Let’s pretend this is a message you found tucked inside a bagel you just pulled from the sad-looking spread on the conference room table. It comes from an escapee. Yeah, that guy who used to sit in that Herman Miller chair over there. I’ve been over the wall for seven months now and I have […]

There’s a spot on the face of the earth where a milky white stone marks the time when Kenneth B. Algeo walked among us. I’m unexpectedly here at my father-in-law’s grave on a day that began with meditation on impermanence. The more I believe that I possess a thing, the more I believe it is […]