My university class on Media and Influencer Relations paused the other day to consider: What public relations lessons can today’s political campaigns take from Donald Trump’s 2016 election? With David Meerman Scott’s book New Rules of Marketing and PR as a guide, we evaluated two high-profile U.S. Senate races on these criteria: Are the candidates communicating […]

Why is it that content often is written for the client, not the client’s prospects? Yes, the client is paying us and we want them to be happy with our work. But content that talks about product features instead of customer benefit, that refers to “solutions” without first setting out the problems, is proven to […]

When I was running PR and marketing programs for health care and higher education, I dreaded the phrase “brand discovery.” It was uttered at the beginning of every engagement with an agency. It meant we would tread well-worn ground, with almost all the “discovery” happening on the agency side — and on our dime. To […]

When Iran held American hostages for 444 days in 1979-81, ABC News’ Nightline was born. When bombs started falling on Baghdad in 1990 as part of Desert Storm, Wolf Blitzer reported live from the scene (under a table), and 24-hour cable news was off to the races. This week, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan […]

Moving a large, conservative organization into modern marketing is a ton of work.  Such organizations tend to stick to old methods long after their return on investment has dwindled to nothing. And paradoxically, new ideas are judged against the metrics of the old methods in their heyday. It took my team in a large health […]

I am like 94 percent of YouTube viewers — I skip the pre-roll advertising as soon as I can so that I can get to the video I went there for. But today, a Minute Maid ad had me in its grip to the end. It features U.S. Olympian Missy Franklin paying homage to her […]

Mark Levine knew manufacturing. Michael Dubin knew how to tell a story. Now, 2 million people wake up each morning and drag the pair’s razors across their beards. The Dollar Shave Club didn’t steal market share from Gillette because its razors are superior. They’re doing it because of their story. Levine and Dubin met at […]

The Corporate Executive Board discovered a curious thing when it examined performance of more than 6,000 sales reps around the world. The most effective sales people were not the  “Relationship Builder” types that sales training had emphasized. They were a less common breed of cat who challenged their clients to think outside the box. The CEB found the […]